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remote trumpet recording

Pro session horns for bands, songwriters, and producers, no matter where you are in the world.

Previous sessions can be heard in the playlist below!

Remote Session Trumpet Player


Hi, I'm Danny Lester and I've been playing trumpet and other brass instruments for as long as I can remember.

I first picked it up at 6 years old and haven't put it down since. I started out playing in brass bands, but my playing experiences have become incredibly varied along the way.


I have played as a session musician for a huge number of musicians and bands, playing and being in the studio with some of my all-time favourites along the way. I have played styles as varied as classical, hip hop, indie, rock, hardcore punk, jazz and basically anything you can think of.

Thanks to advances in technology, we no longer need to be in the same room to get to work together and that's where I come in as a remote session trumpet player.

Image by Wim van 't Einde



You write an awesome song!


You send me the track and we discuss what you want from the trumpet.

I'm happy to work with ghost midi tracks, manuscripts, you whistling a tune or nothing at all!


I record the trumpet tracks and send you an MP3 of the tracks for you approval.

We'll discuss any changes you want and make any revisions needed until you are happy.


I send you the invoice and once settled I send you the WAV files.


You release a killer record and take over the world!

Kelly Kemp - singer/songwriter

Kelly Kemp, Singer/Songwriter

Danny Lester wrote and recorded several parts on my studio album and everything was fantastic. The brass parts were exactly what the song needed and the recording process was smooth and professional. Would definitely recommend

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Bob Cooper - Producer

Bob Cooper, Producer

Danny was a pleasure to work with! His tracks absolutely nailed the vibe of the song, and the recording was perfect for the production. I would absolutely recommend him, and plan to continually use his services in the future

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Katie Gatt, Personal Best

Danny worked with me on trumpet parts for my band's latest record. I sent him the track and a rough outline of what I wanted, and he was fully prepared on the day, totally nailed the parts, and has made the song so special and beautiful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him or work with him again in the future. Also, he's totally sound and a lush human being.

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Remote Trumpet Session

£100 per song

  • 24 hour turnaround from booked date

  • Yours to do with as you please

  • No upfront payment

  • As many revisions as you need


£60 per song

  • Student ID required

  • 48-hour turnaround from the booked date

  • No upfront payment

  • As many revisions as you need


Email -

Phone - 07789698900

Thanks for submitting!

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